Cooling Solutions for Mechanical Drive Trains in On- and Offshore Wind Turbines

A pioneer and a preferred cooling supplier offering reliability 

Nissens Cooling Solutions offers customized cooling solutions for all mechanical drive train components in a wind turbine: Gear, main bearing, generator and pitch hydraulics. Upon customer requirement, we provide solutions based on direct water cooling, direct oil cooling, direct air cooling and indirect water cooling.

Thanks to our comprehensive experience and know-how in on- and offshore wind applications, we have been a pioneer in developing solutions to solve challenging cold start issues, which are especially subject to high focus in onshore wind farm locations with extremely low temperatures.


Additionally, our expertise in indirect and passive cooling has positioned us as the preferred supplier to offshore wind turbines, not least thanks to ability to limit the need for maintenance and secure high reliability.

Our value proposition includes customized cooling components, systems and modules.


Nissens Cooling Solutions' Product Selection within Mechanical Drive Train Cooling