Cooler Modules

Complete modules for on- & off-shore wind turbines

Nissens Cooling Solutions’ complete cooling module is based on passive cooling, which offers the opportunity to make optimal use of the wind speed and avoid the use of fans and motors. An obvious advantage in a cooling solution without fans and motors is a higher operational reliability, since the risk of motor failure as well as the need for motor maintenance are eliminated.

Nissens Cooling Solutions’ investment in passive cooling is reflected in a specially developed cooler type for passive cooling as well as unique fin design for the customized coolers used for passive cooling. These benefits increase the efficiency of the cooler and contribute to facilitating the cooler cleaning process.

With our full cooling module factory and assembly set-up, total alignment and control of all interfaces are ensured. Moreover, Nissens Cooling Solutions is able to supply the entire cooler module directly from the production hall to the site of the erected wind turbine.

Main components in Nissens Cooling Solutions’ cooler modules:

  • Cooler
  • Mounting frame
  • Steel parts
  • Piping
  • Valves
  • Fiber-glass cover
  • Other components and features are also available upon customer request