Full AluXsafe

One-shot brazed aluminum cooler

Nissens Cooling Solutions’ Full AluXsafe, a one-shot brazed cooler, eliminates the risk of mixing water and oil since the two media have been fully separated by an air chamber. In case of a leakage on the water/glycol side, the water will leak into the air chamber and escape from the heat exchanger without entering the transformer oil circuit. Nissens Cooling Solutions’ Full AluXsafe thus prevents the water/glycol from causing damage to the transformer.

Thanks to a full aluminum design and the application of the turbulator technology, Full AluXsafe offers a list of benefits compared to conventional heat exchangers in the market.


  • One-shot brazing
  • Light-weight and compact design
  • High heat transfer
  • Superior efficiency and performance
  • Improved cleanliness due to the elimination of welding and less production processes
  • 100% elimination of risk mixing water and oil (total separation of the two media)
  • Customized solutions