Cooling Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

Proven aluminum technology for power generation applications

Nissens Cooling Solutions has proven performance in designing and manufacturing customized cooling solutions for power generation systems. Reliability and availability are the key requirements for cooling suppliers to the power generation industry.

Whether we are supplying for hospitals, utility companies or offshore wind turbine farms, we deliver superior quality and performance through aluminum cooling solutions. Compared to traditional coolers in copper material, our aluminum coolers represent an attractive alternative with competitive pricing and low weight.

The transition from coolers in copper to aluminum coolers has made Nissens Cooling Solutions the number one choice as supplier to power generation systems, especially big-size gensets.

With decades of experience with aluminum technology, we have the expertise to provide optimal, customized cooling solutions. We also have the ability to meet the important requirement for corrosion protection based on our comprehensive experience from the offshore wind turbine segment.


Advanced Cooling Solutions for Different Cooling Needs

Nissens Cooling Solutions' Product Selection within Power Generation