Cooling of Transformers in On- and Offshore Wind Turbines

Unique no-risk cooling solutions focusing on reliability and safety 

Nissens Cooling Solutions offers oil-cooling of transformers with indirect water- or air-cooling for on- and offshore wind turbines.

The risk of contaminating the oil with the water may not only lead to pollution, but also create the risk of a transformer short-circuit, which may provoke an explosion causing the collapse of the tower and a potential damage to human safety. 

Specifically for the safe and efficient transformer cooling in on- and offshore wind turbines, Nissens Cooling Solutions has designed unique solutions, which eliminate any mix of oil and water circuits.  

Both direct and indirect cooling solutions are available, however with a preference for indirect solutions thanks to their strong synergy with water-cooling of the converters and generators. Nissens Cooling Solutions value proposition includes both cooling components and systems.


Nissens Cooling Solutions' Product Selection within Transformer Cooling