Unique air-to-air cooler

The AluXair is an air-to-air cooler in aluminum, where the internal air is cooled by the ambient air through an integrated heat exchanger. Nissens Cooling Solutions offers customized sizes of the exchanger, which makes it easy to integrate with other parts and components in any given application.

Small-sized AluXair products are easy to fit into the available space in the application design made by our customers. The sizes of the main components in AluXair, the cores and the fins, are determined on the basis of the specifications for the individual product.

AluXair is developed for cooling of standard generators, cooling of direct driven generators, air cooling of power electronics and climate control in wind turbine nacelles.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High reliability
  • Free of leakage – fully brazed solution
  • Strong corrosion protection
  • Customized solutions